Nach fast 40 Jahren haben wir den     EMMETI-Mastenvertrieb abgegeben an

Robert Stanjek,

Berlin , Müggelsee


STAR-RIGG-SERVICE wishes Robert good luck





Alex Hagen founded Star -Rigg-Service in 1987.  He and crew Vincent Hoesch rocked the Star Class in the early 80s with laser like downwind technics and light body weight. Their success was leading into  disallowence of rocking and pumping in sailboat racing for the next 30 years. Nowadays these technics are comming back to make sailing more sportic and interesting for both the athlets and the media.  


Hagen/Hoesch made some major changes to the Star like: Mast way forward, less cleats on the side "let the boat be simple" , no main traveler and better hiking devices for the crew. Alex won 2 Gold Stars (one with Marcelo Ferreira from Brasil) and 7 Silver Stars. He was fighting 10 years for the body-weight-limit and developed the crew-weight-formula that is in the rules now. Also his ideas to restrict coaching went into the ISAF-Rules nowadays.

Alex is a real waterman.        


You can often find him doing his new passion             kite-boarding . . .   on foils - of cource !