Come to beautifull La Manzanilla, Mexico !

This secret hide away is located at the Pacific Ocean 40 min. north of Manzanillo airport.  If you rent one of our condos or houses you will have exacly this stunning view.                                                                                                       Your electricity will be 100% solar driven from german made Solarnova panels ! You will find a gentle tropical climate, sun every day, air temperatur around 30 ° C., water 26° and breathtaking sunsets.

Now there is a very good time to plan and invest into solar in Mexico. The prices for electricity went up just the last 12 month dramatically:

  • commercial rate 100% up
  • privat 4th level (popp)    40% up

And the trend will continue.


Free yourself from raising energy prices and

  • get your own little PV roof plant !
  • You will love it !
  • Promise !

We use high performance panels from SOLARNOVA, made in Germany !


Why not use Chinese or other panels? Because these german made panels from SOLARNOVA are highly efficient = 314wats each and it´s the frame that I like for the agressive salty air and humidity here.




There is 2 Kg more aluminum just in the frame. Very solid, really good quality that will not corode away, that will last longer.


We also use a strong Alluminum construction so your panals will be save against wind and weather.




. . . . in construction: There is more to come soon . . .